At last. After a long time no good news from me. Here’s one. I hope you all can enjoy this. It’s just a little giclee print on an acrylic board. Will look lovely! I thinking I should print a giant size for my own studio haha. Cheers all.


I’m so excited to announce the release of this figure. After the launch at STGCC. Then I could have the pre-ordered. So grab one if you want too and let me share a piece of my life in your living room…haha. Thanks again for the support from all of you! Cheers!

STGCC again.




This is the boxer fresh from the oven. It’s all ten pieces for the STGCC event. Will do some paint job starting next week. Preparing for the exhibition and launch of these babies. Haha. Really excited, super duper excited. Will update for more info on the colorway i’m going to release at the booth!! Thanks for the support. Don’t forget to bring home the artwork to accompany Mr. Boxer here!! Cheers!!