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After a long time. Wishing and thinkin for a new color for the boxer. Now here we go. The ‘Glorious Blood’ version of the boxer. Love the glossy bloody red on him! Full info and artworks coming soon! Advertisements

Two cool customizer from Mexico, Chauskoskis and Frank Mysterio at last recieved my boxer safely to their hands, it’s so so late but I hope they’ll enjoy it. Their custom is a real bad ass custom! You could check them by clicking their name above (already linked them). Thanks a lot for the understanding guys…Please […]


THE CELCIUS SHOW (I’m in it, yeah!) Click the image for more infos.

I’m back! Woooo, after months of a grueling works in hand, I was able to squeeze this custom! A shot to a custom world. This is my first custom and I loved the process. Would do it a new one again haha. This one I call a Black Knight Celcius, an all black glory with […]

Limited 10 Pcs Yellow Colorway of the Beat Up Boxer Prints (Breeanzz X Spankystokes). It’s on acrylic. Love the outcome. Preety cool. If only I could printed on a 1×1.2m haha. This will be available exclusively at Designer Con, Pasadena on November 21st at Spankystokes Booth for USD 50. Go get it. Cheers! Links : […]

Got some paintings done while I was in STGCC event in Singapore. A little stenciled and painted job done pretty well. Done only 5 of ’em (3 Grey and 2 Gold). One of them goes to Mr. Andy Heng ( A great guy with a bunch of ideas in his head lol. Love this experience. […]