New WIP…


It’s ready to be painted on. Loving this stage hahaha. Cheers.


3 Responses to “New WIP…”

  1. 1 Mike

    Hey Brian. I am loving that beat up boxer you are working on.

    Is this going to be vinyl or resin in the production? – AND – why did you choose that in the end?

    Just wondering. I love the look and cannot wait to see it painted!

    Keep up the absolutely fantastic work.

    -Mike Boldt

  2. 2 breeanzz

    Hello mike…
    Thanks for the support. It’s going to be on resin. First of all, it’s easy for me for now to work on. Because i can watch all the production closely and it’s can be produced on my demand. If i want to produce it in vinyl, i got to produce it at a minimal order. So that’s not my aim. And above all, it’s fun to paint the sculpt in my own hands lol. Made it personal and a high value on it.

    Are you workin on the Chuck Chance? It’s cool to bro. How is it going? Hope it’s going well…

    See ya.

  3. 3 owl

    kbree gak sabar melihat di beat up boxer ini berwarna.

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